Art Journey of Paul Hitter

A true vagabond walking thru life with a smile

'Originally from Bucharest Romania, Paul studied in Munich at the prestigious Akademie der Bildenden Kunste. While completing his studies, he was showcasing his art with famous musicians like Gogol Bordello, Taraf de Hajdouks, Rona Hartner and Fanfare Vagabondu. The nicest thing about Paul Hitter is that despite his success, his soul, big open heart and his kindness remained the same- of a true vagabond walking thru life with a smile! ' Eugene Al Pann, curator

Nigel’s Dream: And The Loonies Have Taken Over The Asylum

We present an artistic manifesto that means nothing but a dream. It represents the works of two Romanian painters, Paul Hitter and Eugen Raportoru. It is a dream that shows you can gate borders but you cannot barrage freedom of expression. The paintings are a testament of true Balkan expressionism..

5 September/Posted by Paul Hitter

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Paul Hitter Gallery Opened in Bucharest

Paul Hitter Gallery opened in Bucharest, Armoniei Street number 1. Visit our Gallery to see and buy real Balkan Expressionism Gipsy Art. If you are a visitor in town , this is a great opportunity to spend some time with one of the leading Romanian Contemporary Artists, listen to Real.

4 June/Posted by Paul Hitter

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