New Year!


5 January/Posted by Paul Hitter

New year!

Happy new year everyone! So, 2017 is here! New year, new canvas, new artwork, new me! I am back in business again, bigger and louder as ever. I decided to take a step back from the main social media: Facebook. Things are getting too nasty and politically lately, and i’ve found myself pulled into this swirl of Facebook insanity. Well, it’s time to remember myself of the old me.
I realized lately that i have my own social network, and my own “online home”, that being A webpage designed by my friends from Fortin Agency. So, my dear friends, in 2017 you can stay in touch with my work and with me through this webpage. On the blog you will get my posts, insights of my artist life and work, events and of course lots of colours.
So with this being said, i hope we will have a great year toghether. Next painting? Well, you have not saw my last one yet. Stay tuned, soon we will be out there with great new stuff!
“Who is not drinking with us, is drinking against us!” Balkan wisdom

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