Milk makes me white!

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7 December/Posted by Paul Hitter

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I got another story to tell about the scapegoats of all of Europe’s problems in the past 10 years – gypsies – that had been slaves for more than 500 years in Europe, and somehow Hollywood seems to pass by this subject that is in fact as sensitive as African-American slaves.

“Milk made me white” is another truth yet not very debated, kata nomon or sexual relations among masters and slaves, these are stories that are rarely told in Romanian history, and unfortunately Rroma people don’t have their own history.

Often recalled as a kind of “jus primae noctis”, Romanian nobles demanded sexual privileges and practiced them on gypsy handmaidens through Romanian principalities history.

“Rubbing the feet of boyars” was an usual custom among Russian and Romanian principalities, the sovereign rights of masters on gypsies slaves were becoming in those times sexual traditions, it was rooted in the culture for more than three centuries. It was a natural thing for a little girl to pleasure her master, because she knew that her mother, and her grandmother had done it before her. The scenarios went on for centuries and after the abolition of Rroma people slavery in 1855 Modova and 1856 in Tara Romaneasca, everything seems to vanish away somehow, there are only a few Romanian historians that wrote about these facts and the same proportion of people that have read them.

“Milk made me white” is a homage to those girls and women that had suffered through those miserable times, and it seems history paints over the ugly parts and draws over beautiful lines that tell only one part of the story, we think that art in all its forms has a untold mission to tell the unspoken.

Sleep tight Freedom Fighters, and never ever let the Fire go out!

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