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8 November/Posted by Paul Hitter

A Balkan Legend – The Woman that got shoed

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Paul Hitter strikes again with a crucial painting in these hard times when left is the same as right, and up seems to be more and more down. As always, a good advice from and Elder, a well written story, an old song, these things do shed a light on us, helping a lost traveler through history and time to find his way again.
Straight from the Gipsy Caravan comes this old legend that inspired Paul Hitter into creating this funny yet provocative, wonderful piece of Art. It is a story about a Gipsy man called Vulcan and his wife. The story tells that Vulcan was a young and talented Metal Forger, who earned his money by his trait. His life was hard, but he was the happiest man alive with a hammer in his hand, hammering the anvil. The fire, the smoke, the ashes, the metal melting, the sweat, they made him utterly happy. Something was missing tough. That heart of his, forged out of metal itself, had a small chamber that was never filled completely. Finally one day, he saw a beautiful woman bathing in the river, wearing nothing but the flowers in her hair. Her name was Maja and, as the story says, it was love at first sight. They got married, and it seemed that they would live happily ever after. But, the old legend put’s it different. Vulcan was working harder than ever, and as the days went by, his wife began to feel more and more neglected. The village old Hag, seeing her so unhappy, decided to help her, so she gave her a good piece of advice: “What is the thing that keeps your man working all the time? What is the thing that makes the iron red hot? Yes, yes, it is the Fire. The Fire that burns in his Workshop. Put out the fire and you will have your man back”. Volcano was hammering, hammering hard, day after day, day and night, but more and more, he could notice how the Fire was gone, out of nowhere. Every time the fire was going out, he had to start all over again, build a new fire, but as soon as the Fire was burning and he was hammering again, well…in the next moment the fire would go out again. One day, before he started working, he placed a mirror in front of him, so he would see what was going on, there, in the forge. Surprised, he noticed his wife with a bucket of water sneaking behind his back, putting out the fire, and running away. He fell onto his knees and prayed to God for a way out. He loved his wife, but he loved his work as well. Tears were falling down his cheeks, and out of a sudden, Saint Peter appeared and mercifully taught him what to do. Smiling, the man cleaned the wet ashes, gathered new wood, made a new fire, and then, watching his back, he waited for his wife to show up with the bucket full of water. As she appeared, Vulcan caught her, bent her on to her knees, took a horseshoe and shoed the right foot, ignoring her tears and screams. In no time, he shoed her left foot as well.

Then, each time his wife would try to sneak in behind his back, the sound of the horseshoes on the stone floor of the workshop would awaken Vulcan from his work. He would catch his beautiful wife, take the water bucket from her hands, quench his thirst, and give her a kiss. Only now, you know, they lived happily ever after.
Sleep tight Art Lovers, and never ever let the Fire go out!

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