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4 September/Posted by Paul Hitter

Hey Hey Balkan Lovers,

A crazy summer just went by. Spent the last two months at the seaside, getting my acts toghether, enjoying the sunny beaches of the Black Sea, toghether with insane friends.

We drank some, we ate some funny looking fishes, but things were not fishy at all. Music was as always my companion, good books close by.

At one point tough’ things start to get messy, and no matter how much fun you have, you end up looking like this…

And since i am not into drugs- but into only one drug-my art- i gathered a small pirate’s fortune in paintings. Actually, my next show is here locked in this wooden case. It’s gonna be a serious theme, a necessary act, so that braggers about don’t get to confy’. Even tough it’s always about fun…well, things get really serious from time to time, maybe too serious down here in the Balkans…soon you’ll get news about this new project. Also, during this hot fucking summer, i did a cd cover for a great belgium gipsy band, and a book cover for a book on political correctness. Stay tuned my friends!

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