Art Journey of Paul Hitter

A true vagabond walking thru life with a smile

'Originally from Bucharest Romania, Paul studied in Munich at the prestigious Akademie der Bildenden Kunste. While completing his studies, he was showcasing his art with famous musicians like Gogol Bordello, Taraf de Hajdouks, Rona Hartner and Fanfare Vagabondu. The nicest thing about Paul Hitter is that despite his success, his soul, big open heart and his kindness remained the same- of a true vagabond walking thru life with a smile! ' Eugene Al Pann, curator

Milk makes me white!

2016 / Events
Ladies and Gentlemen, I got another story to tell about the scapegoats of all of Europe's problems in the past 10 years - gypsies - that had been slaves for more than 500 years in Europe, and somehow Hollywood seems to pass by this subject that is in fact as.

7 December/Posted by Paul Hitter

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